You will be redirected from the Downstate web site to SUNY Central Secure Login Portal.

如果需要获取SUNY ID,请单击 在这里


助教(时间及出勤) -不再有纸质考勤表! 安排好假期,请病假,然后 获得主管的批准,收到电子邮件通知——所有这些都是在线的.

问题? 向下滚动到 时间及出勤常见问题.

视图的薪水 -适用于所有员工. 薪水信息将在周一显示 在发工资之前. 薪水支票视图包含相同的信息 每个发薪日发给你的纸质工资单. 打印的屏幕截图应该 be useable by any financial institution requiring copies of your recent payroll records. Hard copy pay-stubs will continue to be distributed to all employees.

更新地址 – This option can be used as an alternate method of notifying HR and Payroll of an 地址更改. 如果使用此功能,则不再使用人事数据更新表单 needs to be completed and submitted to HR or Payroll for 地址更改s. 一旦 self-service 地址更改 is accepted, a statement identifying other vendor services 我们将提供联系信息. 你必须单独通知你的工会和所有人 其他退休及保险公司更改您的地址.


  1. 当你点击 SUNY安全登录按钮,您将被重定向到 http://www.纽约州立大学.edu/security/login.
  2. 接下来,用户应该找到他们的校园或机构从 你的校园 下拉框,如图1所示.


图1 -首次访问Security Login屏幕.

  1. 在选择 州南部医学 ,点击Login. 该站点将把您重定向到电子邮件登录页面(图2).


图2 -(进入Downstate电子邮件界面)

  1. On the email login 页面 use your 在州的南部 email address, then click next
  2. 例如:詹姆斯·邦德 adams@在州的南部.edu
  3. This will take you to the next 页面 and then prompt you for your email password (Figure 3)
    • 输入您的电子邮件密码并单击 登录


图3 -(电子邮件密码和登录屏幕)

  1. After clicking on the Sign in, you will be redirected to an optional “Stay Signed in” (See Figure 4) depending on the needs you may select yes for this deduced sign in option.


图5 -(可选停留登录页面)

  1. 在选择 Yes/No you will be redirected to the main SUNY Employee Portal 页面 (图6)


图6 -(员工门户页面)

  1. If you were able to get to the employee portal 页面, you have successfully logged 进入纽约州立大学系统

From this 页面 you can navigate most of the resource that SUNY Provides via the Portal




有关如何更新地址的详细信息,请 阅读PDF 自助服务-更新地址»



进入Downstate网站(www.在州的南部.edu),并按左侧的自助服务连结. 在你之前,请按照指示去做 点击安全登录链接. 每个员工必须执行一次验证,其中 包括识别你的纽约州立大学的身份证号码. 请点击这里获取您的SUNY ID. 无论是下州的身份证还是你的工资单都没有显示你的SUNY ID. 你一定是在用 你可以在学校里用电脑来获取你的纽约州立大学ID. 如果您仍然难以登录 in, please contact your Department's RDD (Responsible Departmental Designee) who should be able to verify your SUNY ID number and your NetID by looking up your name on their HRx系统. If you still have problem, please contact Help Desk at extension 4357.

最有可能的是,您输入了错误的Downstate用户ID. 你的南部用户 ID是你的Downstate NetID. 如果你不知道你的NetID,请点击这里获取 你的下州网. 请点击这里获取您的SUNY ID. 无论是在州的南部 身份证和工资单上都没有显示你的SUNY ID. 你一定是在用电脑 拿到你的SUNY ID和NetID. 如果你仍然无法登录, please contact your Department's RDD (Responsible Departmental Designee) who should be able to verify your SUNY ID number and your NetID by looking up your name on their HRx系统. If you still have problem, please contact Help Desk at extension 4357.

很可能是您的用户名或密码打错了. 或者你的密码有 过期的. If you don't know how to update/reset 过期的 password, please contact Help 请拨分机4957寻求帮助.

The employee and supervisor lists were vetted prior to going live, however if you believe you have an incorrect supervisor you should speak to your Department Head and Responsible Departmental Designee (RDD) who should notify 人力资源 of any 变化.

After you sign on for the first time, you'll have 30 days to notify Payroll/Time & Attendance at extension 1703 to state you feel your accruals are incorrect. 他们将 then either try to address it on the phone or schedule an appointment to review your time. 然而,你可以开始使用时间 & 立即考勤系统. 任何 将来的应计余额变动将予以更正.

很可能寡妇已经落在你的浏览器屏幕后面了. 最小化浏览器 窗口,它应该在那里.

When entering a day(s) where a holiday falls with the day(s) you are recording, you must input your days around the holiday in order for the system not to charge you 这一天.

After your 时间记录 has been approved, the system automatically locks you out from 对记录进行更改. 询问你的时间 & 考勤主管拒绝你的提交, 然后你可以做适当的调整. 如果你有时间 & 考勤主管有 already approved it, the Supervisor should contact Payroll at extension 1139 to request the time record be unapproved, at which time you will again have access to correct 并证明你的时间记录.

If your department has decided to use the "Request Time Off" feature on the electronic Time and Attendance system, putting in a request is a two step process.

  1. First you input the date(s) you are requesting on your calendar as you would when 休假,生病或其他任何一天. 在你刚刚输入的日期旁边应该 出现“S”表示保存. 你刚刚告诉了系统你想要 休息一天或几天.
  2. Next you must scroll to the bottom of the 页面 and under "Previously Submitted Leave Requests", you must now click in the "Select" button and Submit to Supervisor. 一次 you have done this, it will now appear on your calendar with a "P" for Pending, which 意味着你的主管现在可以看到你的请求了. 一旦你的 主管,它将有一个“A”的批准.

Most likely you are trying to remove the "Request Time Off" day from your regular 时间记录. In order to remove a "Request Time Off" day, you much go back to the "Request Time Off" feature and remove the date(s) from that screen. 你必须滚动 down to "Previously Submitted Leave Requests" and select the dates and then hit delete. If your time sheet has already been approved and it does not give you the option to remove the date(s) requested from your calendar, a person with facilitator access 可以帮你去掉日期吗. 你可以联系工资部,分机号1139 协助处理此事.


This is a temproray 页面 for users experiencing issues using the email based sign-in 页面.


This NetID based legacy login 页面 will only be available until early spring 2020

This 页面 allows users to login to the SUNY Portal with NetID while they work on any 与使用新的基于Azure电子邮件的登录登录相关的问题.